Book Reading & Reception - Celebrating Rick McDaniel's: Catholicism and Zen

May 3rd (2017)

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    Everyone is invited to celebrate the latest release by Rick McDaniel: Catholicism and Zen.  Sitting meditation from 7:00pm to 7:45pm.  Reading and reception at 8:00pm.  

    This is the fifth in Rick's remarkable series that takes in Zen history from it's origins to today.

     Rick McDaniel was raised in Indiana and, in 1967, moved to Canada where he taught at the University of New Brunswick and Saint Thomas University before starting a career in International Development and Fair Trade. He is the creator of the Canadian YMCA Peace Medallion.

    A long time Zen practitioner, he is the author of five books on the subject, including "Cypress Trees in the Garden" and "Catholicism and Zen."