Buddhist Refuge: talk & discussion on taking refuge in the Three Jewels

with Shastri Veit Weber

September 28th (2017)

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    Everyone is invited when Shastri Veit Weber leads this discussion on taking Buddhist refuge in the three jewels: Buddha, Dharma, Sangha. Taking the refuge vow is the traditional way of taking the step of committing oneself to the Buddhist path and formally making a personal declaration that one is in fact a Buddhist.

    This evening is in preparation for the Buddhist Refuge Ceremony when  Acharya Moh Hardin will offer Buddhist refuge vows on Saturday, October 14th. The evening is for those who have taken refuge, are contemplating taking their refuge vows or are simply curious in what taking refuge means.

    Those who would like to take refuge vows with Acharya Hardin should contact centre director David Seabrook at [email protected]

    This program is free. We will take a collection of a small heart gift for Shastri Weber in the amount you are inspired to give.