Spring Meditation Retreat

April 19th—April 22nd

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  • $80 Program Price
  • $100 Patron Price

All practitioners are warmly invited to our four-day spring meditation retreat at the Fredericton Shambhala Centre over the Easter long weekend.

To encourage participation, we have kept the program price low. There are no perquisites and newcomers are welcome, however must attend the first day (Friday). The retreat will begin with group meditation instruction.

This is a gentle, practice-focused retreat and a precious opportunity to truly relax and deepen our meditation practice with extended periods of sitting and walking meditation.

There will be no formal teachings during the retreat, although periods of individual study and contemplation are encouraged at set times in the daily schedule.  Participants will have the opportunity to meet individually daily with a Shambhala Path Meditation Instructor if they choose.

The retreat is designed to accommodate various practices, whether you are practicing Shamatha-vipassana, Shambhala meditation, Werma, Kurukulla or other Vajrayana practices. (Vajrayana practitioners: the day is structured to allow two, and perhaps three sessions, meeting group practice requirements.)

Full days of practice 8:30 am to 5:30pm, led by experience local guides and meditation instructors, with opening and closing chants, lunch and tea breaks. Please bring your own brown bag lunch. As a way of keeping participation costs down as well as minimizing organizational complexity, we will not be offering catered lunches. There will be a short daily rota period to keep the centre clean and uplifted.

Participants may attend the full retreat, or individual days. You may even choose a half-day option on day one or two. On day three and four, as the group settles, a full-day commitment is required.

Program fee: $20 per day to help cover centre expenses, but don’t personal finances be an obstacle to participation. Our generosity policy is in place.

Daily schedule:

8:00am        Gather and coffee

8:30am        Opening chants and meditation practice

10:30am      Meditation or optional study period

11:30am      Meditation or option contemplation practice

12:00am      Lunch

1:00pm        Clean up rota & outdoor walk

1:30pm        Meditation

3:30pm        Silent tea

4:00pm        Meditation

5:15pm        Protector & closing chants

5:30pm        Conclude for the Day

Friday evening: Optional sangha restaurant/pub night (at own expense). Open to those not participating in the retreat.

Saturday evening: Sangha group dinner & dharma movie night at the Centre, starting at 6:00pm. ($10 add on). Open to those not participating in the retreat.

Out of town participants are welcome and may be billeted with sangha members or have the option of sleeping on the floor upstairs at the centre for an additional $20 (includes access to bagels and eggs in the kitchen).