Ongoing Offerings


Shastri Weber hosts global Shambhala Sunday Gathering

November 29th

Our own Shastri Veit Weber hosts the global Shambhala Sunday Gathering with a talk titled "Keeping it Simple." Continue »

Sadhana of Kindess Atlantic Community Online Practice

with Shastri Mary Campbell

November 30th

Everyone is invited to join this group full moon practice of the Sadhana of Kindess led by Shastri Campbell. Continue »

Hinayana IV - Freedom from Suffering (The Buddha’s Third Noble Truth)

with Acharya Dan Hessey & Acharya Suzann Duquette

December 6th—January 3rd (2021)

Everyone is welcome to join in this five-week study of the Buddha’s Third Noble Truth, the truth of the cessation of suffering. Continue »

Holiday Meditation Retreat (online)

with Shastri Veit Weber

December 27th—December 31st

Everyone is invited to join us for this holiday mindfulness-awareness meditation retreat, a perfect way to establish or renew your meditation practice. Continue »

Way of Shambhala

Shambhala Level II (oneline): Birth of the Warrior

with Shastri Veit Weber & Linda Kreger

December 11th—December 13th

Please join us for Level II Shambhala Training - Birth of the Warrior. Prerequisite: Level I. Continue »