Community Practice


“In Shamatha meditation – peaceful abiding – we train our minds in stability, clarity and strength.” – Sakyong Mipahm Rinpoche, Turning the Mind Into An Ally.


Shambhala Open House

We offer meditation and free instruction on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday evening of each month at 7:00 p.m.  If you would like to receive meditation instruction, come to the Center a few minutes before our 7 p.m. start and ask to receive meditation instruction.  A meditation guide will be on hand to take you through the basics of the practice.  Following a short practice session with fellow meditators, we gather for tea, cookies and an informal conversation until 9pm.  Sessions are free, although a small donation is much appreciated.

Community Practice Sessions

Community Practice sessions are open to anyone who has already received meditation instruction at an Open House. In addition to the 1st and 3rd Open House nights, we gather on all alternate Wednesdays for Community Practice and Discussion at 7:00pm.  We practice meditation from 7:00-8:00pm, then we have discussions and contemplations on meditation, mindfulness, Shambhala and sometimes Buddhist themes.  Shambhala daily chants are sometimes included at the discrection of the session leader, but you are not required to participate in the chanting.  These community meditation sessions are offered for free, although a small donation to support the ongoing operations and maintenance of the Centre is much appreciated.

Sunday Nyinthuns

On the first Sunday of each Month from 9:00am to noon, we offer an opportunity to really settle with a longer meditation practice session.  You can come for part of or all of the practice session.  Nyinthuns begin with opening chants, then periods of silent sitting and walking meditation.  Quite often, the meditation practice is followed by a community potluck lunch, a wonderful way to get to know other practitioners.  Everyone who has already received meditation instruction is welcome to attend.  Sessions are free, but a small donation is much appreciated.

Other Programs

From time to time, the Centre offers other opportunities for practice and study.  Check our programs page or the monthly calendar.