Kagyü/Nyingma Advanced

Halifax Shambhala Centre

KTGR Sadhana of Mahamudra Feast

January 13th—October 19th

For those authorized for this practice. The feast will be in-person in the Main Shrine Room. Continue »

Halifax Shambhala Centre

Vajrayogini Feast - Hybrid

February 3rd—June 20th (2025)

July 30th, 2024 at HSC Feast begins at 4 pm in the Main Shrine Room This hybrid practice is for Vajrayogini practitioners only*** Continue »

Halifax Shambhala Centre

Werma Feast

February 28th—June 15th (2025)

Tuesday, May 7th at 6pm in the Drala Shrine Room at the Halifax Shambhala Centre. Continue »

Halifax Shambhala Centre


August 29th—September 3rd

TSOKNYI RINPOCHE CRESTONE ADVANCED RETREAT LiveStreamed at the Halifax Shambhala Centre, Main Shrine Room Wednesday, August 28 - Tuesday, September 3 Continue »

Dorje Denma Ling

Vajrakilaya Amending the Four Karmas Fire Offering

with Eve Rosenthal

October 22nd—November 3rd

For those who have completed the Vajrakilaya retreat practice, the Four Karmas Fire Offering provides the opportunity to connect further with the wisdom mandala of Vajrakilaya and to engage more fully in all the karmas — the enlightened activities of paci Continue »

Halifax Shambhala Centre

The Key Points of Trekchö with Gerardo Abboud

November 22nd—November 24th

The four Chokzhag by Mipham Rinpoche.... a pithy trekchö teaching on the four aspects of how to rest in meditation, translated as the Four Placements or, better as the Four Aspects of Leaving As It Is. Continue »

Halifax Shambhala Centre

Holiday Mahamudra Retreat

with Scott Wellenbach

December 26th—December 31st

An opportunity to deepen your practice at year’s end. Continue »