Level I Shambhala Retreat Weekend: The Art of the Being Human

with Shastri Veit Weber & David Seabrook

October 27th—October 28th (2018) -Date postponed or cancelled

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  • $110 Program Price

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Shambhala Training Weekend I: Feel Human Again is the first program in the renowned Way of Shambhala series. Our intimate urban retreat provides instruction for sitting and walking meditation as a means to develop mindfulness in daily life.

This first Shambhala Training Retreat Weekend presents the view that human beings, at the core, are fundamentally awake. By training in meditation, we learn to remember our natural confidence and relax to the freshness of the present moment, no matter what that moment may bring.

We'll discover that awakening is not about escaping from the world we live in, but instead is about bringing our practice to every aspect of our lives: work, play, relationships, and more. It all begins with giving ourselves the opportunity to reconnect with our true human existence — the experience of our five senses, the feeling of emotions in our body, and yes, even the awareness of thoughts across our minds.

Shambhala Training Weekend I is designed for both new meditators & those looking to reconnect with their meditation practice, and introduces the basic foundations of the Shambhala teachings on universal human wisdom.

A senior Shambhala teacher will incorporate these teachings into the weekend talks and provide instructions for basic mindfulness-awareness meditation practice. Discussion topics include sitting and walking meditation posture, relating to thoughts, and breathing techniques. In addition, meditation instructors will be on hand to personally assist participants with one-on-one interviews and guided group meditation.

The weekend includes guided, meditation practice, mindfulness meditation talks, one on-one meditation instruction, a concluding Sunday reception.

The Teacher: Shastri Veit Weber is a senior Shambhala teacher who has been practicing meditation within the Shambhala tradition for more than25 years. He is a chaplain within the Canadian prison system and a long-time wrought iron artist.